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It’s almost that time of the year. The joyous season of giving and sharing love is upon us. And it’s going to be awesome. Yes, we know how testing this year was and how painful it was to fear for ours and our loved ones' lives. But it’s time to start planning how we can spread joy with care and responsibility. While we may not be able to freely roam around malls for hours and hours looking for that perfect gift, but we can still try our best to get the nicest gifts. Maybe it’s just us but online shopping has become a much bigger deal during the lockdown. Stores that weren’t available online are now easily accessible. So it’s really not that hard to do presents shopping.

Grab a pen and paper or just open a note in your phone, because it’s high time we share some lovely gift ideas. Trust us when we tell you that our ideas will even help you choose even for those that are the hardest to shop for.  Let’s get started!

For Techlovers:

You can’t always gift an iPhone but there are so many unique and fancy gadgets out there. A customized phone cover or tablet sleeve or laptop case is only the start. You can gift your loved one some superb earbuds for quality music time or find the most snazzy Bluetooth speaker. Whatever you choose, make sure that the color, style, and product is not just good but of excellent quality. Because it doesn’t do well if your gift stops working after a few days.

For Fans:

So you have someone in your life who falls in love with anime, movies, tv shows, books, and all other entertainment characters. Well, shopping for them is easy. All you need to find out is who they are in love with or crushing on or what they are repeatedly binge-watching and get something related or looking like that. There’s a vast world of customized accessories that you can choose from. Something new that caught our eye recently was this custom character night lamp that you can get. It will have the shape of your or your loved one’s favorite character. Let us tell you that those nights would be LIT!

For Her:

Buying a gift for a female loved one is a lot of fun. You have a world of stylish jewelry, coveted makeup brands, chic bags and so much more to choose from. Give her something that compliments her, something she’s been wanting to get. You don’t have to go out of your way to find the exact right gift but it’s never a bad thing to ask for preferences. This makes it easy to make your sister or bestie or your life partner the happiest person on Earth.

For Him:

Shopping for a guy might sound boring because of limited gift options but you need to think out of the box. A stylish and sleek cut pocket knife is a good choice or you can gift a ‘growing kit’ for the world’s best personal beard grooming. Wallets are an old but classy gift option and finding a sweet, high-quality leather one is going to be amazing. You can even find him a cool gadget to tinker with!

For Home Bodies:

Do you have any family or friends that love to stay in and if possible would live their entire lives inside? Well, getting them gifts is an adventure itself. Since they stay inside a lot, find something that would complement their way of living. Perhaps some cute house décor or an accessory they’d love trying. From DIY coasters to a cute wall clock, from comfy cushions to a cool night light, there’s so much to choose from.

For Kids:

Kids love toys. But that’s not it. There’s so much more to a kid than just toys. You might want to buy an interesting puzzle, a scooter, or an exciting book. You can even buy your kid an online gift. Yes, kids, these days spend half of their day on tablets and smartphones. They would love a cool app purchase or a game they’ve been dying to try. All in all, you need to know your kid before you buy a present.

There you have it, folks, with a little effort and lots of love, gift hunting is not so bad but lots of fun. And remember, your gifts need to have your good wishes and warmth behind them. Your loved ones will be able to feel that and be HAPPY!

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