Are you thinking about decorating your place? A good makeover will not just be a fun project but good therapy for you as well. But don’t just focus on the furniture and carpentry because without proper lighting setup your home will not have that perfect glow and coziness. But how do we get about updating the lighting? Well, first you need to make the switch from incandescent and CFL to LED light strips. Yes, LED lighting technology is not only in trend right now but also has a lot more advantages than your normal lighting system. To convince you further, here are a few top reasons why you should use LED light strips for your house décor. 


The quality and value of a product are evident from the lifespan it has. And when it comes to LED light strips, they are definitely superior to other traditional lighting solutions. Their operating hours on an average level are 50k to 100k or even more.

This amount is extremely higher than a normal incandescent bulb. So you won’t be changing your LED lights for a long time which will make your maintenance budget significantly lighter. 


Do you normally worry about your power bill cost? With LED light strips you’ll not only have superb lighting but also enjoy a decrease in the energy bill as well. Giving your place an LED makeover will help you witness a 60-75%  improvement in energy efficiency. This will not only save you some bucks but also make you a responsible homeowner.


Usually, you’ll hear people complaining about their lighting setups heating up and causing damage. But with LED light strips, safety is not an issue at all. LEDs, unlike traditional lights, do not emit any heat which can become a hazard. This is because they are energy efficient and can also work perfectly fine at low voltage. So installing LED lights in your home won’t invite any jinxes or cause you any accidents.


Even a small amount of LED lights can easily illuminate your house to perfection. They also have excellent lighting quality and instantly provide excellent visuals. LEDs are designed to turn on and off in an instant and don’t burn out due to frequent switching. Since they are solid-state lights, covering them with a glass bulb is not necessary. So you can easily opt for a sturdy design. Giving your home an LED upgrade will also make it an environmentally safe space. 


LED light strips are extremely easy to install. They are available in various designs, hence it is easier to decide where to put them up without any hurdles. While installing you also don’t have to worry about hot or cold temperatures, because they can work well in both without causing any damage. And since they work fantastically at even low voltage, you can have them installed outdoors without any worry.


LED light strips have an extremely good color rendering index. It means that with LED lighting at your place, everything will be visible in its original color. LEDs have a really cool and balanced lighting amount which ensures that there is no excess brightness or contrast level. So no matter which room of your house you decide to decorate, you’ll have a real classy vibe.

There you go, LEDs are not just another technology in the market, instead, they are the coolest and useful ones. They are quickly taking over residential and commercial properties and are one of the best trends seen in ages. If you are looking for some quality advice and LED light fixings, reach out to us at contact The Wavelights and we’ll help you light it up!



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