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Understanding Different LED Strips

LED strips are the king of all light fixtures. Not only are they economical but they also give your house a majestic and magical look. Whether you put them up in your kitchen or your bedroom, your bathroom or your dining room, they will make your house look exceptional. Not just that, you can even install them outside your house, how awesome is that?

We can gush about this all day, but let’s move on to something a bit more informative so you will have all the knowledge before you buy LED strips for your house. Did you know that there are different types of LED strips that you can use? Yes, you read that right. Before you buy LED strips, it is important to learn about the different LED strips so you can make the right decision. Here are some important tips that will help you understand different LED strips:

Waterproof vs. Non-Waterproof

Yes, you have the option to choose between waterproof and non-waterproof LED stripes, but how do you choose which one to get? The answer depends on where you are planning to install them. Generally, if you are using these strips inside your house or car, you should go for non-waterproof ones. Places like your kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, and walls are not exposed to water, so there is no use of getting waterproof LED strips. However, if you are planning to put them up in your bathroom for a bold and different look, you should go for the waterproof LED strips as the chances of water exposure is higher. Similarly, if you want to install LED strips outside your house to give your railings, decks, or patios a prominence, always go for waterproof ones.

Size Matters – 16.4ft vs. 32ft

Now, this is a question we get asked a lot – which size should we get? Well, there is no one answer to that question. It depends on the area you have to cover. For instance, if you just want to cover a small portion, like around your bathroom mirror or kitchen cabinets, then go for the 16.4ft LED strips. Though, before ordering any length, make sure you measure the area at least twice to avoid inconvenience. Also, it is always better to get some extra in case you need it. Plus, we are sure your chosen area would look amazing after putting up LED strips that you will be tempted to light up your entire room. The 32ft LED strips are a perfect choice if you have to cover the entire wall with bright lights. One roll of 32ft can cover an entire wall and make give your room a new and improved look. To cover the entire room and give it a new glow, get 3 to 4 units. 

Standard White vs. Colorful Extravaganza

A lot of people get confused about whether to go for the standard white LED strips or the colorful extravaganza. Well, answering this question will make your choice much easier. What kind of look are you after? The aesthetic and sophisticated one or a bold colorful extravaganza? Do you see where we are going with this? The answer is quite simple. If you want a subtle way to make your room a bit more prominent, go for the standard white LED strips. The white LED lights are perfect to put on your makeup mirror. It will brighten up your selfies, ladies! Now, if you are looking for a bolder look, then the colorful LED strips are the ones for you. The bold colors will highlight your space and give it a new life. It is perfect for your gaming system or party décor. The colorful lights will make your room pop and give it a majestic look. 

Powering Your Lights

Before you order your LED strips, you must be aware of the powering options. There are a couple of options you can go for the first one is through electrical supply, and the other one is Wi-Fi. The electrical supply option is quite straightforward – just plug in the adapter to the nearest power supply. If you opt for the Wi-Fi option, you will get a wireless receiver to power it. Easy peasy!

There you have it, folks. Now that you understand the different LED strips better, are you ready to place your order? We assure you that Wave Lights will fulfill all your LED needs. Until next time…



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