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Using wireless LED lights to their full potential with the Magic Home app

The lighting technology has over the years shown some very wonderful improvements. You have the choice to switch your old incandescent lights to new LED ones. Now you must be wondering why should you switch to an LED lighting setup? Well, for starters it not only has a longer life span but it also provides powerful light without overheating. LED lights are also energy efficient which means that your electric bill is going to become less costly. Isn’t that cool? But do you know the coolest part? LED lights are available in wireless form. It means that apart from traditional switches on the wall, you can easily control them with the help of a wireless controller. 

But before we get into how that works and all let’s discuss how beneficial a wireless lighting system can be for you.


Imagine this, you are sitting on the sofa and enjoying a good book while sipping on red wine. Too vivid? Nevermind, so yeah you are having a good time and you have the urge to change the brightness of the room. You want it to go dim or you want to brighten it more for a glowing look. With wireless lighting, you can do all the changes while being at the same stop. No going over to where the lights are and changing them. With wireless lighting, you can have different settings setup for various occasions like movie time, dinner, date or party, etc.


One of the best things about wireless LED lights is that their color quality is superb. They are small in size but have a glorious beam. Also unlike other traditional lighting systems, they don’t give off a fake glow to things; everything you own in your home will look clear and strong in their own colors. LED light strips also have a variety of colors available which you can easily switch from anywhere in the house thanks to the wireless settings.


Tired of that dull look your room has welcomed in? Well install some LED light strips on the walls and enjoy the facelift your room gets. LED lights have the ideal ambiance for all sorts of occasions. They do not stand out and do their job remaining out of normal sight.


Now that you are totally in love with the LED lights and how awesome the wireless system can be, let’s find out how it all works. When you’ll purchase your choice of LED light strips, check if they have included a WiFi controller or not. It comes in 3 variants, RGB, RGBW and RGBW with IR receiver. All your LED light strips will be connected to it when you’ll install them. The last thing that you’ll need to do is to make sure that the WiFi controller is connected to your home network. 


Okay, so you have set up your new lighting system and are itching to use it. Well, hold your horses and download the Magic Home app on your phone. This app is an essential need if you are currently working on smartifying your place. Once the app is installed, connect it to your home network. Once that is out of the way, pair your wifi controller and app together with the help of a pair wizard. Now open the app and you can browse all the settings available. This app won’t just switch the lights on and off but can also dim or brighten them, set a timer, make them dance to music, etc. It's magic, something fantastic for your home.

LED light strips are the latest trend and quite good considering they are environment friendly. They don’t abnormally heat up or malfunction without any warning. With the whole world at your fingertips thanks to the internet and smartphones, why not have your home light up through that as well. Give this some thought and you are always welcome to contact us at The Wavelights




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