Why do you need to cut LED light strips?

With the very annoying, never-ending quarantine situation on our hands, it has started to get really depressing. We all miss being outdoors under the open sky and the sunny sun. We miss the natural breeze and we miss the light. But we need to stay at home and follow social distancing until it’s all over for good. Where there is nothing that one can do about the current circumstances, we can definitely do something about the depression.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”, says Dumbledore and we could not have agreed more. Staying inside our houses unable to get light exposure can become stressful. It also affects our mood badly and negatively impacts our daily productivity. We can work on improving our light problem with the very glorious and versatile LED lighting system.

Cutting and customizing LED light strips

LED light strips are an awesome, diverse product. Offering a wide range of flexibility, they are a great solution to your light problems. With modern indoor decorations, you need all kinds of your light demands fulfilled, and why not? We all love and enjoy a well-lit house with good light, lightening up our mood. Thanks to technology, we have LED light strips for our rescue. You can install lights anywhere you wish. Want your walls alight? The windows, too? Not to forget the fireplace mantel you just set up. Not a problem, fellas! We are here with an innovation that serves all these purposes and more.

LED light strips have been quite popular for a while now. Because of their multi-purpose features, they are pretty adaptable. You can easily cut an LED strip to whatever length you want and then install it where you need it to be installed. There are quite a few ideas for places where you can put LED strip lights. They are a quick and simple solution to add a little glamour to your place and give it a fancy touch.

On the Walls

LED light strips can be used to light up the walls of your room, your hall, your office too, maybe? Not only will they add extra light to the surroundings but they also look really pretty to the eyes. You just need to measure the length of the wall you want to put them on. Then you simply cut the LED light strip to the length according to the length you measured and you are good to go. Once the LED lights have been cut, install them carefully on the wall. Simple as that and your wall looks way more beautiful now.

On the windows

The evening time looms and your heart starts to sink at the leaving light. It starts to feel dull and you miss the light coming through the windows. Or, the view outside your window is not so pleasant and you want to change the window situation. LED light strips to help, yet again. Cut them up according to the measurement of your window and give your window a shiny new look. See how it elevates your mood super fast.

Around the fireplace metal

If you happen to be someone who is looking for simple yet tasteful ways to decorate your living room, LED light strips are your best friends. Just putting them around your fireplace mental will instantly give a very stylish and vibrant touch to the air around the room. The measurements are easy to take and so is cutting the light strips. Admit it, you got yourself a pretty great deal.

For Christmas Decorations

Decorating your place for Christmas is always fun. Make it more fun and dynamic with LED light strips. They come in a variety of colors so you got yourself a good range of options to pick your favorite colors from. Cut them according to the lengths you need and set your place ready for some fancy Christmas look and feel. You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree as well using different colors to go with other decorative pieces. Do not miss out and enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with your family with these easily fixable Christmas lights.

How easy it is to cut LED light strips

So you bought yourself the infamous LED light strips and you are not very confident about cutting and customizing them? Don’t you worry, we are here to guide you through it. You do not need to fret because it is simple, easy, and quick. You don’t need to get yourself an electrician to get the task done. You can do it by yourself so don’t waste your dollars unnecessarily.

First things first, cutting up an LED light strip only requires a pair of scissors. The points available to be cut are clearly designated so nothing complex. You just have to make sure that you do not cut outside of those given cut points. These points are recognized by a thin line with a few metallic solder points on each side of it. You will be able to see a small illustration of a pair of scissors at those points too. These points are available at uniform intervals along the light strip. As long as you are cutting at the right spots, the LEDs will work fine. This is because the circuit will stay intact. Next, you connect the LED to a good power source and you should be able to see them lighting up. There, as easy as it gets.

Can the light strip be cut anywhere else?

Well, yes, they can be. But, it is not really recommended. Cutting the strip at a point other than the given ones can lead to some damage with the strip components. Moreover, it can also mess up the circuit of the light strip and you don’t want that.

Now that you know how to cut LED light strips as per your length needs, you have no reason to not get them. Head over to TheWavelights.com so you can order yourself a few. There is no better DIY for you during these lockdown times to help lighten up your mood a bit. So don’t miss out and get started already!

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