Fixing a Cut LED Strip

We will be going over the best way to join together two cut pieces of an LED Strip. This can be useful when trying to make very clean corners, or just needing to reach difficult spots. Remember to keep the LED Strip unplugged during this process.

Step 1: You will need an adapter for joining cut LED Strips. There are T connectors, one to one straight connectors, and even ribbon like connectors. These connectors have metal contacts that join two LED Strips at the copper lined cutting marks.  (Image below for reference)

Step 2: Cut the LED Strip at the designated cutting marks (they have a scissor icon and exposed copper). Make sake sure the cut is straight so that it will fit well into the adapter.

Step 3: Open one of the clips on the adapter. Easiest done by placing a nail under the snap, and pushing it up. 

Step 4: Insert the copper end of the LED Strip through the guiding channel in the adapter. Push the LED Strip until the copper contacts are below the silver metal contacts on the adapter. (The LED Strip goes under the metal contacts, not on top)

Step 5: Snap down the clip in place, so the LED Strip is held tightly in place.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 for the second LED Strip connection.

Step 7: Plug in one end of the LED Strip to check that the connection is working.

Congratulations you're all done! 

Here are some common issues, and how to trouble shoot the connection if it doesn't all power on: 

-Check that the copper connections are not dirty. Clean them with a dry cloth to make sure the connectors make full contact.

-Check that all 4 copper contacts are fully making contact with the silver metal connectors on the adapter.

-Make sure one LED Strip end has the black connector still attached so it can plug into the IR receiver and power supply.

- Try a different cutting mark if the one you cut, was cut too short or not straight.

-Make sure the copper contacts are under the silver metal contacts, and not on top. 


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